Hey y’all

I’m Lauryn Moon Donat, or “Moon,” and I’m not just an experienced interior design professional – I’m also a wife and a mom. Hailing from a large family and wrestling three littles of my own I totally understand the need to blend personal style (or usually styles) with family life.

I love the principles of design and enjoy the challenge of creating personally tailored and comfortable homes. I believe an efficient home layout incorporating individual functionality and taste can help create order in our lives. It’s important for our homes to reflect our unique family identity, allowing a safe and practical space for our true nature to shine. Trends come and go – and can be fun – but our own identity is always the best basis for the design of our home.

My personal style is rather eclectic. I enjoy neutral palettes with bold, deep splashes of color. I love a minimalist approach that mixes rustic and reflective materials. I love offsetting classical architecture with clean lines, varying texture, and vibrant colors and prints.

My role is to help you zero in on your own personal style and design needs. With these preferences I create beautiful, coordinated and comfortable spaces that reflect who you are and how you live.

That’s how you get real design for real life, and that’s what I’m all about.

— Moon